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How to contact us

You can contact us through:

PO Box 21, EMERALD QLD 4720

1300 242 686 – General enquiries – Town planning enquiries/lodgements

For after hours urgent matters please call 1300 242 686 and follow the prompts.

1300 242 687

+61 7 4982 8333

Or visit us



Opening Hours


    Emerald     Corner of Egerton and Borilla Streets, Emerald     8.30am-5pm


1300 242 686

    Blackwater     10 Mackenzie Street, Blackwater     8.30am-5pm
    Capella     4 Conran Street, Capella     8.30am-5pm
    Duaringa     12 William Street, Duaringa
    Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 
    8.45am-12.30pm &         1.30pm-4.45pm
    Springsure     29 Eclipse Street, Springsure     8.30am-5pm
    Rolleston Transaction Centre     17 Warrijo Street, Rolleston     9am-4.30pm
    Tieri Transaction Centre     Cnr Grasstree and Anncrouye St, Tieri     8.30am-5pm



  • Customer service



Customer service

  • Our service standards

    Our customer service promise is based on our commitment to provide service excellence. Your feedback is important and we will use it to drive business and service delivery improvement.


  • Our service promise

    To provide a customer friendly organisation, committed to providing service excellence to our community. We will project a positive attitude, focus on solutions and provide a committed, can-do approach.


  • Our service commitment

    Whenever you contact us we will:

    • Greet and listen to you and treat you with respect, open mindedness, courtesy and understanding.
    • Respond to your enquiry in a professional and timely manner and aim to provide accurate and complete information.
    • Endeavour to resolve your enquiry at the first point of contact or record your request for actioning.
    • Set clear expectations of the next steps and deliver on those commitments.
    • We will respect and protect your personal information through Right to Information and Privacy legislation.
    • Identify ourselves appropriately and wear name badges when assisting you.
    • Continuously improve our service by proactively welcoming suggestions and seeking feedback from the community and actively measuring performance against these commitments.
    • Consistently apply these standards across al contact points with council.


  • What service you can expect

    By telephone

    • We will answer your call promptly. However, if demand for our services is high, we may need to place your call in a queue for a short period.
    • We will offer informative and up-to-date ‘on hold’ messages about the region.
    • We will return your unanswered call where possible by the close of business, but within the next working day.
    • We will provide an ‘after hours’ service to accept your emergency phone calls outside our standard working hours.

    By visiting our offices

    • We will greet you in a professional and courteous manner, be attentive and polite.
    • We will attend to your promptly, acknowledge your arrival and serve you when it’s your turn. Our aim is not to keep you waiting.
    • We will attend to your appointment prepared and on time.

    By written correspondence

    • We will record correspondence and distribute to relevant officers within one day for actioning.
    • We will respond to all letters, faxes and emails within 10 business days of receipt.
    • We will provide an interim response to you if your enquiry cannot be fully addressed within 30 business days.
    • We will write to you in clear, concise language that is easily understood.
  • Feedback

If you have recently contacted us and would like to provide some feedback on your experience, please fill in the form below and send back to us.

Customer service feedback form

If you would like to complete an online form, use the following form.

Online council feedback and enquiry form



  • Compliments, comments & complaints




Compliments, Comments & Complaints

  • Lodging a compliment or comment

    Write to us by letter, fax, email or submit online.

  • What is an administrative action complaint?
    • A complaint regarding how a previous request that personally affects you has been handled.
    • A request to review a decision or action made by council that personally affects you.
    • A request for a service such as a replacement waste bin is not addressed under the complaints process.
  • How do I make a complaint?
    • In person at our administration centres or by calling 1300 242 686
    • By completing the Administrative Action Complaint Form and lodge by fax or mail to:The Chief Executive Officer
      PO Box 21
      Emerald Qld 4720

    We will accept anonymous complaints, however, if insufficient information is provide we may refuse to investigate.

  • If you are not satisfied

    Ask to be referred to the immediate supervisor, manager or general manager of the department. We will endeavour to review the matter and respond to your complaint immediately. However, if this is not possible we will provide an interim response within 5 business days and provide regular updates on the progress of your issue until it is resolved.

    If you cannot reach a satisfactory outcome for your complaint you may want to refer it to the Queensland Ombudsman.

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