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Advocacy in the Central Highlands

The Central Highlands Regional Council has identified ‘positioning the community at the heart of an advocacy strategy’ as important to develop a strong, vibrant community.

Through advocacy practice the council can confidently represent the shared goals on behalf of the community; goals that have been determined by research and consultation.

For the most part, council’s services, activities and projects to support its community are realised by the annual budget and the setting of policy.

The ‘practice’ of advocacy is applied to those services, activities and projects that cannot be realised by the resources (economic and human) of council and require an injection of funds or a change in government policy or position to reach fruition.

  • The Advocacy Pledge

    Council pledges to advocate:

    On issues, projects, services and opportunities that are documented, through consultation and engagement, as being important to its community.

    With transparency, confidence, balance, research, respect for all points of view.

    To build on relationships with the community, neighbouring local government areas, local government advocacy organisations, regional industry and business investors and government.

    With flexibility to allow for unexpected or special circumstances and that adapt to the changing environment.

  • How we advocate

    Advocacy practice will include, but are not limited to:

    • Representations to state and Australian government ministers.
    • Regular meetings to make representations to local members of parliament.
    • Active engagement with media and social media at the appropriate level and intensity.
    • Active engagement with all candidates participating in government elections.
    • Brokering partnerships and strategic alliances with other local and regional organisations.
    • Submission of applications to secure funding to deliver priority projects.
    • Active participation in peak governing organisations and their advocacy efforts such as the Australian Local Government Association and the Local Government Association of Queensland.
    • Maintaining and influencing partnerships with government authorities to influence policy, legislation and standards.
    • Contributing submissions to senate inquiries and other government surveys and opinion-seeking efforts.
  • Advocating for the Central Queensland region

    Central Highlands Regional Council is a member of the Central Queensland Organisation of Councils, known as the CQROC. This organisation provides advocacy on behalf of the Livingstone, Gladstone, Banana, and Woorabinda local government areas – particularly for projects that provide a benefit for the whole region.

    This is the Reef to Red Ridge advocacy publication that CQROC uses to highlight projects worthy of government support.

Current advocacy projects

  • 7 for 46
  • 4 for Communities
  • Game Plan Projects
  • Springsure Tambo Rd
  • Early Education
  • 7 for 46

Seven priority projects for the 46th Parliament of Australia – these are the seven projects that council advocated for prior to the federal election in 2019.

Download the 7 for 46 brochure.


  • 4 for Communities

These are the four key projects that we advocate for strong, vibrant communities:

Emerald Botanic Gardens East Upgrade.

Blackwater Skate Park.

Blackwater Old Aquatic Centre Park Development-Memorial.

Emerald Library Arts and Technology Precinct.

View the 4 for Communities fact sheet.


  • Game Plan Projects

Providing well-resourced and state-of-the-art sporting facilities is essential for sport clubs and community organisations and to allow tomorrow’s sports stars to grow and develop. The Game Plan projects include electrical upgrades, water infrastructure upgrades, amenity and facility upgrades and regional field upgrades.

View the Game Plan Projects fact sheet.


  • Springsure Tambo Rd

Central Highlands Regional Council and Blackall-Tambo Regional Council with support of the Central Highlands Development Corporation are seeking $77 million in state and federal government funding over eight years to pave and seal the 148km unsealed Springsure to Tambo road.

View the Boost our Beef Roads fact sheet.

  • Early Education

The Central Highlands’ community needs more affordable, quality early childhood education places. Council seeks $3 million to redevelop the Emerald Community Kindergarten with three new kindergarten rooms, a car park and administration area.

View the Emerald Community Kindergarten Expansion fact sheet.

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