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Application fees & infrastructure charges

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  • Infrastructure charges

Council levy infrastructure charges as part of the development assessment process. These charges apply when a subdivision (reconfiguring a lot), material change of use or building work occurs that generates additional demand on trunk infrastructure networks: significant infrastructure that supports large areas or catchments, such as water treatment plants, and is classified into five networks:

  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • transport
  • community purpose (parkland)
  • stormwater

Council has adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolutions in accordance with the requirements of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and the State Planning Regulation Provisions (Adopted Charges).

Charges Resolution No. 11 (2016) applies to all applications lodged under the Central Highlands Regional Council Planning Scheme 2016.

Charges Resolution No. 9 (2015) applies to the former Emerald Shire Council area and applications lodged under the Emerald Shire Council Planning Scheme (Amendment No. 3) 2013.

Charges Resolution No. 10 (2015) applies to the former Bauhinia, Duaringa and Peak Downs Shire Council areas and applications lodged under the Bauhinia Shire Planning Scheme (Amendment No. 1) 2011, Duaringa Shire Planning Scheme (Amendment No. 1) 2011 or the Peak Downs Shire Planning Scheme (Amendment No.1) 2011.

  • Development incentive policy

Our Development Incentive (Infrastructure Charges Increment Subsidy) Policy incorporates a fixed subsidy rate to cover all development subject to a development application within the local government area.

This is a temporary measure to promote economic development throughout the region and give the development sector an adjustment period to the new infrastructure charging regime.

The focus of the policy is to give a boost to the rejuvenation of our commercial centres, the Yamala special industry area and ecotourism developments.

There is a 100% waiver available for Category 4: town centre rejuvenation (non-residential development), establishment of special industry area (non-residential development) and township rejuvenation (non-residential development) where the criteria based on economic benefit, sustainable development practices that will reduce demand on trunk infrastructure and timeliness of delivery, are fully met.

There is also a 60% waiver for Category 5: tourism development, as long as criteria for economic benefit and timelines of delivery are fully met. This is to encourage diversification within the rural area and strengthen the Central Highlands as a recreational destination.

Any enquires regarding the policy should be emailed to

  • Application fees


Our current list of fees for planning applications is available in the Adopted Fees and Charges 2016-2017.









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