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Disaster management & Flood mitigation

All communities can fall victim to disasters or emergency situations, both natural and man-made.

But, together with our  Local Disaster Management Plan, there are a number of simple, practical steps everyone can take to minimise the threat of these events to people, animals and property.

For all information regarding flood mitigation in the Central Highlands please visit

  • Disaster Management Plan

    Council has prepared a Local Disaster Management Plan to guide our actions in the event of an emergency or disaster, in accordance with the Queensland Disaster Management Act 2003.

    This plan helps to coordinate and direct the Local Disaster Management Group to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency situation using available resources.

    This could mean and include:

    • flood
    • severe storms
    • flash flooding
    • major traffic accident
    • fire
    • public Health
    • heatwaves
    • hazardous substance incidents
  • Local Disaster Management Group

    The Central Highlands have an overarching Local Disaster Management Group, chaired by the mayor. The group comprises of representatives from council, state government, emergency services, major stakeholders and community organisations.

    The group meets every three months and is supported by four satellite groups based in Emerald, Capella, Blackwater and Springsure.

  • Resupplying isolated communities and properties

    This brochure details how council works with the state government to deliver essential supplies to isolated communities and properties in the event of a disaster.

  • Preparing for an emergency

    Every household should have an emergency plan and emergency kit. For tips on how to prepare for extreme weather events or an emergency visit the Queensland Government resident’s guide.

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