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Lost, Found and Adoptions

Below are all the animals currently in our pound. Some are waiting to be claimed by their owners while others are available for adoption due to no owners coming forward. Please consider adopting a pet before purchasing from a backyard breeder.

Call our Ranger Services team on 1300 242 686 with any enquiries.

  • How do I report a lost or wandering animal?

    All wandering or lost animals should be reported directly to council so our rangers can respond quickly and with all of the relevant information.

    To report a lost or wandering dog fill in the online form or call council on 1300 242 686 (available after hours for emergencies only).

  • What happens if my animal is picked up by the rangers?

    If your animal is collected by our rangers it will be taken to the local pound and checked for a microchip and/or registration to determine the appropriate course of action.

    Fine amounts vary depending on the seriousness and nature of the offence.

    A release fee for impounded animals of $50.00 per day or part thereof is also charged.

    If an impounded dog is not microchipped or registered, they must be before they are released.

IMPD110 - Desexed Female Mastiff Type

Looking for owner

Desexed female Mastiff type - No microchip or registration - Wearing red PetSafe boundary collar - Found near Blackwater PCYC 24.01.2020 - IMPD110 - Becomes CHRC Property C.O.B. 30.01.2020 - Microchipping and registration fees will apply.

IMPD106 - Entire Male Greyhound x Bull Arab Type

Looking for owner

Entire Male Greyhound x Bull Arab type - White with Brindle patches on ears and back - No Microchip or Registration - Wearing Chain choker collar with no identification - Found 20-30km along Cotherstone Road from Capella 22.01.2020 - IMPD106 - Becomes CHRC Property C.O.B. 28.01.2020 - Microchipping, registration and release fees will apply.

IMPD104 - Entire Male Bull Arab

For adoption

Entire Male Bull Arab - Tan colouring - No Microchip or Registration - Has shown good obedience, but will require further training. Will require a secure backyard and gets along with other dogs. Located in Blackwater. Will require microchipping and registration on adoption. Adoption period expires 28.01.2020

IMPD092 - Entire Female Shar Pei "Pepper"

For adoption

Entire female Shar Pei "Pepper" - Microchipped (not updated) - Lovely natured animal, requires a one-dog home, has minimal training. Will require high fences and someone who will be able to give her the attention she deserves. Located in Blackwater. Registration will be required upon adoption. Adoption period expires 28.01.2020

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