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Youthinc Groups

Youthinc is Central Highlands Regional Councils main local youth advisory group. The group works directly with the Youth Development Officer and other key stakeholders to help identify youth priorities within a community. Priorities may include unmet local needs of youth, the development and delivery of local events or representation at broader regional initiatives.

The group is aimed for ages 10 to 25 with a target of High School aged students. There is no joining fee and council seeks to ensure that the ongoing costs of participation is minimised where possible.

Council partners with a number of youth-based services in the region in the delivery of the group and its events, so participants are exposed to a broad range of regional service providers.

Each Youthinc group is formed differently so make sure you have taken the time to read the information on this page.

If you would like to know more about the group call council on 1300 242 686 and talk to one of the Youth Development officers or email your questions to

  • Who are we?

    Youthinc began in Blackwater in February 2013. The group worked on a number of initiatives that year, but most importantly worked towards 2013 National Youth Week and the delivery of the Blackwater Youth Week concert featuring local and national talent.

    In the Central Highlands Youth Strategy 2018 – 2023 Youthinc groups were identified as a resource to grow across our region so youth in more communities can work alongside councils Youth Development team on local initiatives.

    To date, members of the Youthinc group have provided feedback, advice and direct planning in over 400 youth activities and event with a combined participation of over 40,000 people.

  • How does it work?

    The Youthinc groups are predominantly council funded and managed. Community organisations and businesses also partner with council to meet the groups goals and help provide supervision and support for participants.

    All Youthinc members are representatives of council (and partnering organisations) and should conduct themselves as a positive influence for others both within their school and the broader community.

    It is an expectation that all participants remember to act in a fair and equitable manner when working with community members and each other.

    Each Youthinc group structures their meetings to suit its members and community, so make sure to check the tabs below for details on the group you wish to join.

  • What are the opportunities?

    When joining Youthinc council wants to ensure everyone get the most out of their involvement. Participants will have access to a broad range of development opportunities including leadership development camps, project management and planning, skills development and, managing budgets and priorities.

    Participants and their parents are kept in regular contact with councils youth development officer through the communication of upcoming events and initiatives. Information is also listed for each group in the tabs at the bottom of this page.

    The Youth Officer will also run a broad number of team building activities during meeting days. Participants will also have the opportunity to travel with the youth officer to other towns within the region to deliver and assist in other local events.

  • Available Youthinc Groups

    Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, service delivery of Youthinc groups has been affected.

    Blackwater: Aimed at youth aged between 10 and 17. Meets weekly on Wednesday 3pm to 5:30pm at the Blackwater Police Citizen Youth Club. Currently at capacity.

    Emerald: Aimed at youth aged 18 to 25. Meets weekly on Monday 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Emerald Police Citizen Youth Club. Open for applications.

    We are also starting the development of two other groups in the region as well as a regional Youth Advisory group. More details will be shared here over the coming months.

  • Applications

    Hard copy applications to the groups are available at the following locations:

    • Blackwater and Emerald Council Offices
    • Blackwater and Emerald PCYC
    • Blackwater State High School Office

    You can also download and print a copy at home by clicking here.

    Once completed please return to the council or transaction office in the location you are applying for. Please ensure you have filled in your medical details accurately as well as having read and signed the back page.

Youthinc group members can access information relating to their group in the tabs below. These sites are password protected so ensure you have a valid password from the Youth Development Officer responsible for your group.


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