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Shepton Quarry

The best quarry product in Central Queensland

Shepton Quarry is proudly owned and operated by Central Highlands Regional Council.

We supply high quality, NATA certified, hard rock product from a high-grade geological source for civil and road building and maintenance projects.

The quarry is situated 25 kilometres east of Capella and 40 IMG_7153-lrkilometres north of Emerald on a 64.75 hectare site incorporating a large open cut pit, a crushing plant, office facilities and weighbridge.

Its location, in the heart of the Bowen Basin, supports product delivery to Capella, Emerald, Clermont and surrounding areas.

Our diversification into other regional pits at Arcadia Valley, Mungabunda and Carnarvon ensures supply to the southern part of the Central Highlands Region.


  • Our People
  • Our Product
  • Our Capacity
  • Our Location
  • Our People

We use highly competent and experienced contracted extractive industry professionals to operate the Shepton Quarry and its auxiliary pits to maximize efficient service delivery and minimise production cost.

  • Our Product

At Shepton Quarry all source rock for our quarrying operations is basalt (often called blue metal).  Basalt is a dark-coloured, very strong, fine-grained igneous rock, and is used for road base, concrete aggregate, asphalt pavement aggregate, railroad ballast, filter stone in drains, and many other purposes.  Shepton Quarry only uses the highest quality source rock to manufacture all of its quarry products.

  • Our Capacity

Our quarrying operation is structured to be scaled up to meet any request.

We have immediate access to the personnel, equipment and other resources to satisfy the largest order in the smallest timeframe.

We’ve expanded our business with strategically placed quarry operations, particularly in the south of the region, to meet the requirements of council and support other remote civil construction activities.

  • Our Location

Shepton Quarry is located at Montrose Road, Capella.

  • Product List

    Download the product list here.

  • Technical Specifications

    Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Specifications – MRTS70 Concrete

    Queensland Construction specifications – C242 Flexible Pavement

    Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads specifications – MRTS05 Unbound Pavements

  • Testing and Quality Standard


    Department of Transport and Main Roads method Q103A

    Australian Standard Method AS 1141.19 of AS 1289.3.3.1

    Quality Standard

    Shepton Quarry is certified for the supply of quarry product under AS/NZS/ISO9001:2015 (Certificate of Registration)

    Quality Policy

    To view a copy of Shepton Quarry’s Quality Policy, click here

  • Department of Transport and Main Roads Certification

    Shepton Quarry is certified as a registered supplier with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

    Certificate number RQ125, expiry date 12/04/2018.

  • Capability Statement

    Click on the image to view the Shepton Quarry Capability Statement in full screen view.



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    We’ve got you covered for road, civil or site works.

    Contact us for all of your quarry product needs.

    Opening Hours
    6.30am – 3.30pm, Monday to Thursday
    6.30am – 3.00pm, Friday

    Phone:  07 4986 4400

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