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Garage Sale Trail

Choose to reuse on October 20 & 21

We’re bringing Garage Sale Trail to the Central Highlands this year! Taking place across one jam packed weekend on October 20 & 21, Garage Sale Trail is the nation’s biggest weekend of garage sales. It’s a great way to declutter, make some money and meet people in your local community.

We believe small actions drive BIG change. So while one garage sale on its own won’t make much difference, when hundreds of thousands of Australians get together in streets, community centres and schools to buy, sell and reuse at garage sales over a weekend… well, that’s a whole lotta difference.

Garage Sale Trail happens with the support of 146 Council partners and more than 400,000 bargain hunting, reuse loving Australians -who this year will shop and sell at more than 15,000 garage sales Australia-wide.

For sellers

  • Put your sale on the Trail for free at
  • You can register as an individual or with friends.
  • Groups such as schools, community groups and local charities are also encouraged to register.

For shoppers

  • To help plan your day we print an awesome map of all the sales in the Central Highlands. It will appear in the Central Queensland Newspaper on Friday 19 October, and also be shared online on our facebook page.
  • It’s projected that over 2 million items will be listed for sale and reuse across the country, so join your neighbours and grab a bargain.


Enquiries can be directed to Hayden at or by phone on 1300 242 686


  • What is it all about?

    Garage Sale Trail is the nation’s biggest weekend of garage sales. An estimated 400,000 Australians will get involved this year either by selling their pre-loved stuff at a garage sale or shopping the Trail for bargains and unique finds.

    Made possible by the councils of Australia, it’s all about how the small actions we each take as individuals can make a big difference to our communities and our planet. After all, one garage sale on its own doesn’t make that much difference but get 15,000 happening over the one weekend and KAPOW!

    Last year over 4 million kilograms of pre-loved items were sold, from kids toys to clothes, furniture and antique tea sets. You name it, you can find it on the Trail.

    Join the movement by hosting a sale or shopping the Trail on October 20 & 21.

  • When is it all happening?

    Garage Sale Trail happens on one weekend of the year. This year, it’s on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October 2018.

    Having all the action on one weekend makes it an extra special celebration of reuse, with over 2 million items going up for sale and a predicted 400,000 Australians getting involved.

  • Who is it for?

    It’s for everybody. Households, community groups, charities, schools, even whole streets get involved! It’s also a great event for makers and creators to showcase their wares and for good causes to raise a quid or two to support their work.

  • How much does it cost to participate?

    It’s free to participate thanks to the support of over 145 councils around the country as well as a handful of like-minded organisations like Gumtree and Storage King who like us are committed to reducing waste and making our communities happier and more connected.

  • What happens if it rains?

    To coin a popular phrase “the show must go on!” Rain, hail or shine Garage Sale Trail goes ahead. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media platforms for a weather updates nearer the time and maybe consider a Plan B – it could be a simple as moving into the garage in the event of rain or swapping the day of your sale from Saturday to Sunday.

    You can edit any of the details of your sale at any time by simply logging into your Garage Sale Trail account.

  • What happens if I don’t sell everything?

    Experience tells us that while a garage sale is a great way to shift lots of things you no longer need or want, you will have some stuff still left over at the end. We and the fantastic folk at Gumtree, Australia’s local marketplace, are here to help with that so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for tips, support and local ways to reuse what’s left over at the end of the Trail.

    And remember, leaving items on your street or outside a charity donation point after the Garage Sale Trail, or at any time, is illegal and seriously uncool. It makes an eyesore of our beautiful communities and costs charities millions each year in clean up fees.

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