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Rates Information

Rates information

  • What is the rates billing cycle?

    Rates are levied biannually. Ratepayers have 30 days to pay rates to receive the 10% discount. Water usage charges are also included in rates notices.

  • Why has the cycle changed?

    Council is committed to increasing efficiencies that deliver savings to ratepayers. Moving towards a billing cycle of every six months delivers approximately $350 000 in savings every year.

  • Is there still a discount period?

    Yes, ratepayers can receive a 10% discount if payment is received within 30 days. In order to take advantage of the discount, the full amount, including any rate arrears and interest, must be paid on or before the due date. Electronic payments processed by your financial institution or bill payment service after the nominated payment cut-off time on the due date will not be eligible to receive the discount.

    Please be aware discount only applies to council rates. It does not apply to state fire levies, water usage, rural fire levies, environmental levies and interest charges. Residents with rates in arrears are ineligible for a discount until payment is up to date. In addition, outstanding rates attract an interest charge of 11% p.a., compounded daily.

  • What if I can't pay the whole amount at once?

    If you cannot pay the whole amount all at once, contact us and we can set up a payment plan and/or a direct debit.

  • Can supplementary notices be issued?

    Supplementary Notices may be issued at various times during the year to some ratepayers to account for changes to their services or unimproved valuations (for example, sewerage pedestal rates after building a new house on vacant land; commencing a garbage service, etc).

    Supplementary notice charges also attract a 10% discount, as long as all rates and charges are paid by the due date.

  • Do pensioner discounts still apply with cycle change?

    Yes, the Queensland Government subsidises 20% (Maximum $200 pa) of the rates for approved pensioners by way of a rebate. Council also offers a subsidy of 50% for approved pensioners. Application forms for the rebate must be lodged at a council office. These forms are available from council’s offices or online.

  • Why is there no longer a rates cap for certain residents?

    Previously some properties benefited from rates capping implemented in 2008 in an effort to smooth and reduce the impact of rates and valuation changes in the post-amalgamation period of the new Central Highlands Regional Council. The decision to remove capping was made to ensure equity for all ratepayers.

  • What if I prefer to pay monthly?

    If you wish to pay monthly, contact us to set up a periodical payment. This means that although you are billed every six months, you can pay every month anyway. There are weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments that can be set up for your convenience.

  • What are all these charges on the one rates notice?

    This will vary for each ratepayer depending on location and the associated services. Please refer to the rates brochure for more information.

  • How do I read my rates notice?

    For a simple breakdown of your rates notice and what it all means, download the fact sheet here.

  • Land valuations and rates

    Land valuations are carried out periodically by the Queensland Government. Visit their website to find out more.

    Council rates are not directly linked to the valuation of your land. Read our fact sheet to find out more about how council calculates rates,

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