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Road corridors

Council is responsible for the local roads in our region. A road corridor is any part of the road or the roadside on made roads. A road reserve is any part of the road or the roadside on made or unmade roads. That is, a parcel of land could be a road reserve whether it is an existing road, or one just marked for the future.

The primary purpose of corridor management is to permit conditional use of these areas, while ensuring a safe and efficient road network. We also manage road use permits and street lighting requests.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is responsible for all state controlled roads. For a full list of state controlled roads, visit their website.

For further information on the matters listed below, contact council’s Technical Officer Corridor Management on 1300 242 686.

  • Carry out works in a road reserve

    There may be times you wish to apply to council to carry out works in the road reserve. Some examples are:

    • Installing roofwater drainage
    • Installing a water pipeline
    • Installing a monument
    • Maintenance permits
    • Low impact works (seismic survey or drilling activity)
    • Any other private works associated with a road reserve.

    Complete the application form and send the form and payment (if required) to council for processing at least 30 days prior to commencement of the works.

    Council will consider the request and advise you of the outcome of the application.

  • Compensation agreement for mining claims that include road reserves

    If your mining claim application or renewal includes a road reserve, you must submit the pro forma compensation agreement to council for approval, together with a map showing the location of the claim.

    Refer to A guide to landholder compensation for mining claims and related access land in Queensland, published by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

    Council will review the document and advise conditions regarding the road reserve.

  • Erection of election signage

    You must apply for approval to erect election signs in council-controlled road corridors or areas.

    Complete an application here.

    Please submit the completed application and a map showing the requested location/s of the signs, together with payment of fees and bond.

  • Land access and authority notices

    If you require access to road reserves to carry out works on behalf of utility companies or Aurizon, a notice for land access and authority must be made with council.

    Your notice must include a brief description of the works, supported by plans, the proposed date of the works and, if required, traffic management plans.

    Council will consider the request and advise if any roadworks are scheduled for the proposed period and any conditions for the works.

  • National heavy vehicle regulator requests

    You must make a request for clearance authority letters  in writing to council.  You must include details of vehicles and routes so that council can consider road corridor impacts.

  • Temporary road closure applications

    You may wish to apply to council for the temporary closure of a road to hold a community event, school activity, etc.

    If so, please complete the application form and send the form and payment to council for processing at least 10 days prior to the event.

    Council will consider and advise you of the outcome of the application.

Emergency Management Dashboard

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