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Recycling right

Recycling collection service

Your yellow lid bin is for recycling only. This bin is collected fortnightly on the same day are your red lid bin.

The recyclables collected in kerbside recycling bins are sent to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Rockhampton. There they are sorted back into product type, packaged and sold to be recycled into new products.

What you CAN place in your recycling bin:

  • Paper and cardboard (including empty pizza boxes)
  • Steel and empty aerosol cans
  • Aluminium cans, trays and clean foil
  • Rigid plastic containers including lids
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Milk and juice cartons

These items contaminate your recycling and MUST NOT be placed into your recycling bin:

  • Plastic bags and any plastic that you can scrunch into a ball
  • Food scraps of any kind
  • Nappies
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Paints and oils
  • Crockery and drinking glasses
  • Syringes and medical waste
  • Clothing and linen
  • General waste

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