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Trade waste

  • Trade waste
  • Permit
  • Inspection program
  • Trade waste

Trade waste is any liquid and any substances contained in it produced by an industrial or commercial activity at any business premises.

Only liquid waste that conforms to our set limits will be accepted for discharge to sewer.

These limits are imposed because waste from many businesses and industries may contain materials that are potentially harmful to sewerage workers, the sewerage system and the environment.

Trade waste must not be discharged into our sewer, unless the owner of the premises from which trade waste is discharged has been granted a trade waste approval.

  • Permit

To obtain an approval to discharge trade waste to sewer, the owner or authorised agent must submit:

Refer to the pre-treatment guidelines for trade waste discharges for assistance with your application.

  • Inspection program

We routinely carry out a trade waste inspection of all businesses operating within the Central Highlands local government area.

For information and to book onsite inspections, please contact us on 1300 242 686.


  • Will council inspect every business?

    Yes.  A trade waste site assessment will be conducted on every business.

    If it is determined during the site assessment that trade waste is not discharged to sewer from that business, trade waste approval will not be required and no trade waste fee is applicable.

    A ‘non-generator’ letter will also be sent to that business.

  • Does every business have a trade waste charge?

    No. Only businesses that discharge trade waste to sewer are subject to trade waste fees and charges.

    Although, all commercial properties do have the potential to be charged a volumetric fee for an excess load on the sewer system.

  • Do I need a permit (a trade waste approval) for my business?

    If your business discharges any waste to council’s sewer that is not specifically domestic waste then there is a chance you are discharging trade waste to sewer and may require a permit.

  • When should I apply for an approval?

    You will need to make an application for trade waste approval if you are starting a new business or operating an existing business that has undergone any change to the following:

    • Property owner, business owner, lesee.
    • Operating practices.
    • Method of trade waste disposal.
  • How long does a trade waste approval last?

    A trade waste approval lasts as long as the property owner and business owner and business practices remain the same.

    The approval is renewable every 12 months.

  • What is the cost to businesses?

    Please refer to our fees and charges page for more details.

  • What is involved in the site fee?

    A site visit fee is one of the charges that may apply to a trade waste generator and may be charged if additional site visits, not covered by the application fee, are required to ensure continued waste compliance.

    Site fees are not applicable to most businesses.

  • What happens when a business changes?

    Approval to discharge trade waste to sewer is not transferable.

    A new application for approval to discharge trade waste to sewer is required.

    Even if it is only the business owner that changes, not the operations, a new application is required as operating procedures and practices may change causing a possible change to discharge strengths.

    Business owners should contact us if their business closes.

  • Is there a fine if businesses continue to discharge without trade waste approval?

    It is an offence to discharge trade waste to sewer without approval.

    Each business discharging trade waste to sewer will be provided the opportunity to apply for approval.

    If a business does not apply for approval and continues to discharge trade waste to sewer, we may withdraw access to discharge trade waste to the sewer from that property.

    We can also issue fines for continued non-compliance.

  • We are in a block of shops and have never received a water bill, what happens in this situation?

    A business that discharges trade waste to sewer must install a trade waste flow measurement device as per the pre-treatment guidelines for trade waste discharge.

    This flow measurement device will accurately measure all trade waste discharge to sewer.

    Meters are read twice a year and the business owners will receive a bill for the amount discharged.

  • What is a grease trap and should we have one?

    A grease trap is a pre-treatment device that separates fats, oils, grease and solids from the wastewater by cooling, causing the congealed grease to rise to the surface of the grease trap.

    The baffles in the trap slows the water flow so that the solids settle to the bottom of the trap.

    Grease traps are used in the food industry. The trade waste generator is responsible to have the grease trap serviced by a council approved licensed contractor.

  • Who should have an oil/water separator?

    Any workshop that has a wash-down bay or any other discharge to sewer from pits and machinery.

    The trade waste generator is responsible for having the separator serviced by a council approved licensed contractor.



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